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Holistic Animal Therapy

Our best friends and furry family members health, happiness and life expectancy

is as important to us as our own.  When choosing the appropriate treatments

for your animal familiar an honest holistic plan can improve their furry little lives.

We are pleased to offer the following Holistic Services for your

Equine, Canine and Feline companions.


Initial Consultation and First Treatment

We encourage you to share with us the story of your furry friend.  What are their issues?  What are your concerns?  What medical interventions have you accessed?  Has there been any progress?  We will also detail your animals unique information, vitals and wellness plan.

Consult and treatment typically take 1 hour with a Session fee of $100


Acupressure (Tuina)

Acupressure involves applying touch or light pressure to acupressure points to encourage the body to heal and restore balance.  Like the human body, animals have numerous points to govern the flow of energy (chi) that flows through the meridians, joints, muscles and tendons. 

This type of treatment can assist in physical issues, health and digestive problems and event temperament.

  Treatments are typically 45 minutes, with suggested visits biweekly until issues are resolved.  Session Fee: $65



                                    Deep Tissue Massage (Gua Sha)

                                     A Deep Tissue Massage can be applied with the hands or the use of a smoothing tool.  Most excellent for                                       our larger and heavier animals to relieve tension, tightness and pain.  This ancient Chinese healing                                                     technique stimulates blood flow by improving circulation and reducing inflammation.

                                     Many times this techniques is used for chronic issues and recurring injuries due to sport or exercise. 

                               Treatments are typically 45 minutes in length, visits can be weekly or biweekly depending on complaint.  Session Fee: $65


Cold Laser Therapy (Light Therapy)

Cold Laser Therapy, or Low Level Laser Therapy is a form of photo therapy or light therapy. Red and near infrared light is used to stimulate tissues to progress in the healing process of injuries and/or wounds.  Used in acute and chronic issues the light waves penetrate to reduce inflammation and activate the immune system.  While initializing the immune response we are increasing oxygen levels, stimulating Lymphatic Drainage and encouraging the body to provide natural healing responses. Increased Lymphatic Drainage, Increased Vascular Fluidity.
Combing the practices of Acupressure, Traditional Chinese Medicine and Cold laser allows us to increase the speed of healing and get your furry friend up and running again in a hurry. 

Typical treatments take 30 minutes biweekly until strength is returned.  Session Fee $50



A traditional energy healing technique now being broadly used across the world to balance

energies in the body and activate the healing process.  This Japanese technique focuses on the

physical and emotional well-being of the patient.

Many clients have entrusted practitioners to assist in the transition of rescue animals, and animals

who have experienced trauma or dramatic illness.  It is a gentle, non invasive treatment and calming

treatment for patient and owner. 

Typical Treatments are 30 to 45 minutes. Session fee $50

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