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            Wellness Champion and Influencer


     Whether I am sitting on my swing, in the backyard, enjoying

nature or I am taking a walk on my favourite beach, for

my mindfulness practice, I am making my journey.


​     My story is long and short, complicated and confusing -

we are all dynamic individuals who deserve to be well in

all facets of our lives; mind, body and spirit.

     I have been blessed with a family who has supported my creative outpourings, along with my not so great choices; yet all of those things got me here.  And here is where I want to be and where it is at!

     I want to be part of the wellness journey for myself and each of the individuals who walk in and share a cup of tea with me. 


     I will share my story of immune disorder, cancer, juvenile arthritis and the path that got me to wellness.  I will listen to your story, support your plan to wellness and share my knowledge, experience and know how on how we can get you there.

     Laying out a resume of my knowledge and experience for me is alarming;  how did I get here in such a short time? long time?  I have been blessed with Native teachings from my grandmother, holistic training from a family steeped in old traditions, my life, my ongoing research and continued education is always on the quest of  finding a wellness path that benefits me -- and that I always willing to share!

​​​     My wellness plan shapes and reshapes me, when working with me, we will develop a plan to optimize your wellness needs and desires.  Whether you are having a chronic situation with arthritis, an acute situation of back pain or just looking for a little more umph in your step - we will work together to make it happen.

Love and light,



Integrative Holistic Medicine Practitioner,     Reiki Master,   Animal Reiki

Qigong, Tai Chi and Meditation Sifu (Teacher)

Author,   Musician,   Animal and Nature Lover

Our Community Partners:

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Reiki Blankets for Adults

and Children with Cancer.

Empowering women through compassion and communication.


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